Thursday, March 16, 2006

Censure Bush!

At the very least.

Word is that the Democratic leadership is mulling over their options about censuring Bush. I'm really trying to see the political downside. Because the moral necessity appears to be quite apparent.

Bush has been the worst President in living memory. The White House has not had such an undistinguished occupant since the dreary days of the late 19th century. A short list of the reasons why Bush should be impeached, or at least censured:
  • His administration has willfully violated the FISA law, and violated the Constitutional rights of American citizens.
  • His administration lied to the American public to get its backing for a war in Iraq that would have otherwise been unpopular. (WMDs? Ties to Al Qaeda?)
  • His administration regularly practices kidnapping and torture, in Iraq, Afganistan, Cuba, and parts around the world.
That should be enough.

The Democratic leadership, aside from Feingold (and sometimes Dean), appears to believe that their role in the process is to constantly gauge what the public wants and to go with that. Or perhaps they are afraid of opposing Bush on any matter related to security at all.

Why they should have no fear:

  • Bush is a freaking incompetent. While the treason-mongers will hate you for saying this, the fact remains that Bush has managed the military and intelligence communities about as poorly as humanly possible.
  • Bush has a 33% approval rating.
  • Standing up for the rule of law is going to inevitably be popular. Politicians have to understand that instinctively.
  • Regardless of whether there's ability for the White House to retaliate, there is an imperative to at least try to do something to stop the Republican consolidation of power.
Democratic leaders who don't understand the fourth point above are taking a lot of their base's support for granted.