Wednesday, August 30, 2006

breathing on the ashes

OK, so the blog's not really dead.

I'm writing to celebrate getting two post cards and a letter on the same day. Woo-hoo! Sort of puts a damper on the self-pity thing.

Anyway, I finally got a DVD from UKNetflix ScreenSelect yesterday that had been mailed in May! Sadly, there are still four DVDs outstanding somewhere in the Royal Mail ether, lost somewhere between the DVD warehouse and my flat. It is somewhat of a mystery how this can happen. Back in the US (putting on strutworthy American tone of voice) we never had postal problems like this. Seriously, I cannot think of one thing that was "lost in the mail" in 35 years of living in the US. And Royal Mail has lost 6-7 DVDs in the course of eight months??