Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yes, there is something deeply wrong with the Republican party and we have to stop pretending this is normal

First in a two-part series, with the follow-up to be called "Yes, there is something deeply wrong with the Democratic party."

No, they're not the same thing.

The Republican party has become an entity run by sociopaths and anti-intellectuals.  They feed upon the cultural backlash of the very religious against the non-religious well-educated "coastal elite".  But of course, our networks can never discuss religion, so this entire aspect of our culture is simply ignored.

All the crap about "the Religious Right" was exposed as a sham this year, as the rallied behind the least religious Presidential candidate in the nation's history.

How did we reach a point where a failed casino owner, a racist deadbeat landlord, an internet scammer is supposed to be treated with "the deference due to the office"?  He's a horrible human being.  His appeal is anti-intellectualism, and let's be clear about that.  This is the culture war, front and center.