Friday, March 21, 2008

and Andrew Sullivan, to boot

His explanation as to why he was wrong on href="">Iraq.

I was distracted by the internal American debate to the occlusion of the reality of Iraq.

Well, do you think that, before you start talking about invading a country, you might learn something about the country you are proposing to invade? Let's keep in mind that, before pretty much every invasion in history, the jingoists think that the war will be quick and easy. In some cases, like the American Civil War, both sides feel that way!

American foreign policy discussions are really conducted on a frighteningly childish level.

Condi Rice

Well, we now see that after her disastrous tenure as National Security Advisor, which included the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil as well as horrible advice which led to the Iraq war, the costliest foreign policy debacle in American history, that she cannot even run the State Department in a way that keeps people from occasionally rifling through the files of Presidential candidates.

And people still talk about her reverentially? This is a woman who told bold-faced lies to Congress under oath.

Moral of the story: the Republicans are so desperate to have a token black woman they'll let Rice get away with incompetence time and time again.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Job hunting conundrum ii

An example of a job that would seem pretty cool: Senior Director of Science Policy at the AACR.

Now how to get this job? It requires managerial experience that I do not have. So perhaps I should try to get some?

In the short term, I'm tempted to do a short-term (3-month) position at NESCENT at Duke.