Sunday, July 24, 2005

Living in London

So, I move to London in early June, partly to get out of the hideous American political state, partly for other reasons. (Side note: I use the word state here in the sense a physicist would: to describe the condition with respect to all observed variables.)

And then people start bombing the tube. It would be false to say I'm terrorized or scared or anything like that. Having a sniper in suburban Maryland was scary, esp. considering the leading clue about the guy(s) was that they were driving a white van or panel truck. (Try going down a street in the DC area for 1/4 mile without seeing two dozen white vans. It cannot be done! But I digress.)

What I'm aiming at here, is that I'm pissed off.

About the bombings, and about a lot of things.

'Nuff for now.

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