Monday, August 22, 2005

London sights

Just keeping track of things here. Saw Hampstead Heath last weekend. Seems like a nice place - I'll surely go back, esp. now that I've realized there's a direct bus from Maida Vale.

Noticed (sadly) that the Mummy exhibit at the British Museum is over. Had wanted to see it!
So I'm going to start keeping better notes about what I intend to see in London (outside London is separate posting).

  1. British Museum (sans mummy)
  2. Victoria && Albert (programmer joke there - not really funny)
  3. Greenwich - visited 9/24, want to go back
  4. Madame Tussaud (?) - maybe this should wait for a visitor
  5. Science museum (?? - should get review)
  6. War museum?
  7. St. Paul's (!)
  8. Another run through Buckingham Palace/Westminister Abbey
  9. National Gallery
  10. Tate (?)
  11. Globe theatre
  12. which reminds me - I need to check that I've got Stratford-upon-Avon on other list
  13. Sherlock Holmes stuff
This is all just starter stuff.


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David said...

My sister and I began our first trip through Europe in London, and I would say the word that best describes our impressions of the city is “overwhelming”. Everything we did was amazing, from tea and cake at the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum to a play at the Globe Theater, from the oldest church in London, St. Bartholomew’s to the Ghosts and Graves tour, traveling on a old Rolls-Roys to a huge Limousine London vehicle. Spending a full day in the British Museum was kind of a microcosm of our London experience. We saw so much, yet there is so much left to see. We will definitely be going back, as soon as our money replenishes, at least.