Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Departed

a) you are a Scorsese fan
b) from Boston
c) interested in Leonardo DiCaprio
d) generally enjoy crime family films

then The Departed is a must-see.


Katie said...

Really? I didn't like it. At the risk of spoiling it for others, I must say, I thought that for the combined starpower of the cast, plus the big name of Scorcese, they could have come up with a better ending than "... and then, everybody dies!" In the middle there was some interesting back and forth, it's true. But for the amount of character setup, there was just too little suspense for me, given the amount of time spent on The Ending.

Go on, convince me. :)

whispers said...

Yeah, Scorsese doesn't do endings that well. I was stunned when DiCaprio's character was killed off, since I was expecting the path of the film to resolve in the more predictable Hollywood way.

I'm sure a large part of the reason I liked it was because it was set in Boston. But I still think that general build-up and plot development was terrific, as were the characters and the acting.