Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TMQ continues to spread bad science

Today's gem:

For instance, the Michael J. Fox ad attacking Republican Maryland senatorial candidate Michael Steele makes it seem Steele opposes all stem cell research. Steele opposes research on embryonic stem cells, not on other types of stem cells; there's a big difference, and surely Fox knows that well.

Surely Fox also knows that embryonic stem cells offer far more promise to researchers than any other type of stem cell. Most people with more than a casual understanding of this subject understand this point.

Gregg Easterbrook: mauling science understanding in the popular culture through inappropriate comments in a football column.

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Landru said...


I wanna punch him and scream, "Is THIS reasonable?"

Over and over. Until he repudiates...uhm, everything, really.

But thank you for reading the Easstterrcrrapp so I don't have to.