Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hey, Blogger!

OK, this is getting tiresome. Sure I'm in France, but this is an English-language blog. Language choice should be permanent per blog and not vary depending on the IP address of the computer making the connection.


Landru said...

You were in France. On the 4th of July.

We are so waiting for you at the airport with sacks of oranges. Don't worry, it'll be over quickly and we'll have you up and enjoying NASCAR again in no time at all.

Landru said...

PS: Nancy from Austin is sleeping in your bed next week. We'll have it steamed.

whispers said...

Let's see...where have I been on various 4ths of July?

1998: Heidelberg
1999: Heideblerg
2000: Can't remember exactly, but it was probably either in France or Italy.
2001: Heidelberg??
2002: ??
2003: ??
2004: Pretty sure I was in Germany or France.
2005: London
2006: London
2007: Montpellier

I think I only did one 4th in DC, and it was dull. Boston does a much better job. Besides, it's TOO FUCKING HOT!

p.s. Arrive at Dulles on Aug 4

p.p.s. Olivier has offered me a 3-month position in Montpellier that I'm considering for the Fall. I really should do that Mission Statement soon.

Landru said...

Screw the facts. We just like beating you with oranges, dood.

Vermont or France? you still have a key? We're leaving BWI for Maine on the 3rd, back on the 7th. You get Casa Satanica to yourself for a few days.