Wednesday, October 03, 2007

goddamn Blogger

first it insists on giving me everything in French, and then it diches my edits to the review I was writing.


Now to finish the review for the THIRD TIME.

(message to be deleted when I'm less annoyed with Blogger)


Jolene said...

I've certainly done my fair share of bitching about Blogger, but you can change the language on both Blogger and Google if you want to. :)

whispers said...

Oh, I can change it to English, and I have. On both Google and Blogger. More than once. And yet, when I log in today, there it is in French again!

I'm not actually all that annoyed, but I want to keep the "stupid Google thinks I'm French" tag alive, so this post will stay.

Jolene said...

Okay, yeah, that would probably be a little annoying.