Thursday, December 06, 2007

close calls for the Pats

I don't care.

OK, for starters, everybody who has doubts about the validity of the numerous penalty calls against the Ravens on fourth downs during the Patriots' last drive on Monday needs to watch the NFL network's rebroadcast of the game, and have the NFL's rules guru explain why it really is holding when Chris McAllister rides Randy Moss for the first 7 yards of his route, seeing as no contact at all is allowed beyond the 5-yard zone.

Anyway, the Pats are going to get the #1 seed and I don't really care if they go 16-0 or not.

Though it would be good to do so, if only to piss off Mercury Morris.


Jolene said...

I care! I want them to go undefeated!

Not that I'll be heartbroken if they don't (assuming they still do well in that whole Super Bowl thing), but I still want them to.

I especially don't want them to lose to the Steelers, who I really hate. Although if they lose to them, and then beat them in the playoffs (like in 2004), I can't say I'll be unhappy.

Jolene said...

Aaaahhhh. I feel much better now. That game was much more enjoyable to watch than the last two.

Next week should be fun.