Friday, February 08, 2008


What would Buffy eat?

She had a good 2007 because I discovered she would eat the Whiskas "Oh So Meaty/Oh So Fishy" gourmet food. Unfortunately, they don't have that in the US. The closest is "Purrfectly fishy", which I think she'll eat.

She used to eat Friskies, but she's turned her nose up to that recently. She's looking thinner than she did in France, and it's starting to worry me. The strange thing is that, when she turns her nose up to any particular food, Ginger does the same. And yet Ginger is not sickly and gaunt.


Well, I've gotten them some Iams dry food, which should be healthier than the Meow Mix. But while Ginger is tearing into it, will Buffy eat it? The only way Buffy will really gain weight is if I find a dry food she'll eat.

Good news is that she did like the treats I gave her yesterday. Bad news is that each only has 1 calorie.

This post was written with the aid and assistance of Ginger sitting on my left hand.

Update: 2/14
Well, it turns out that Buffy is seriously ill. Her weight has dropped to 4 lbs. 4 oz, which means she's lost at least a pound and a half since returning from France. The vets are very pessimistic about her condition.


Jolene said...

Hey, remember how I was telling you that cats need taurine in their food? Turns out it is found naturally in meat, so if you did feed her chicken or tuna or whatever, and she liked it, she'd be fine.

What about milk? I know they say you're really not supposed to give it to them, but if she liked it, maybe some whole milk would be a way to just get her some calories.

How many calories does a cat need anyway?

Landru said...

How can she be skinny and gaunt? She ate Jones. That had to be at least 40,000 calories.