Saturday, February 07, 2009


Look at this graph I purloined from Swampland:

I wonder when it will be considered "conventional wisdom" that this generation of Republican leaders is just a bunch of self-serving idiots?

Poor Hunter S. Thompson. He saw all of this clearly over twenty years ago, but despaired at the lack of justice in the world.


Purplestate said...

for those of us reading along at home, could you make the connection between the tanking job market and republicans?

Not that I am denying that there is one, mind you, but I don't see the correlation in the graph. :)

whispers said...

Well, who's been in charge for the past eight years?

The job market is tanking because the economy is collapsing.

The economy is collapsing for a number of reasons, most of which can be traced to Bush's policies: a laissez faire attitude towards the financial markets, the decision to waste about a trillion dollars invading Iraq, and the decision to waste another trillion on bailing out banks.

I thought the argument would have been about as obvious as point out Richie Kotite's record as a head coach.

FWIW, this post is not intended by itself to make the case. But it does lend support to the argument "why the hell would you want to keep doing the same thing Bush did?" as a response to the people in the Senate who think tax cuts are the solution to every economic ill.