Friday, November 13, 2009


The latest Snickers ad features a couple guys banishing their hunger by having a Snickers chocolate bar. They wonder where the hunger goes, and one speculates "Germany"?

At which point we are switched to a lonely man in Germany, eating away, who says

"Warum bin ich immer Hunger?"

This translates to "Why am I always hunger?"

It's a silly mistake with the two most commonly used German verbs
haben (to have) and sein (to be). I was taught that I should say
"Ich habe Hunger" but perhaps "Ich bin hungrig" is also allowed. But no matter how you slice it, "Ich bin Hunger" is dead wrong.

So...what process led to Snickers botching such a simple translation? Worse,
why is the ad still running, weeks later, as if there is no mistake?

Language skills are frowned upon in the US.

I'll try to make more amusing blog posts in the near future.

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