Tuesday, September 25, 2012



This is what the NFL is putting out as their product to save a few million dollars annually of pension fund contributions?

Today's American executive justifies his existence by finding ways to cut corners. And the class warfare approach of demonizing unions and demanding concessions is one of the most popular ways to go. Why? Why do this? The league office is attacking the integrity of its product for pocket change.

What really gets me are the libertarians who show up at all the chat rooms and bulletin boards muttering their inane anti-union diatribes. "Why isn't anybody blaming the refs?" Well, the refs are willing to work under the prior conditions, that's why. Management locked them out.

Reminds me a lot of the teacher strike in Chicago. It's sad that class warfare is a growth industry.

For the edification of future generations, the picture above shows two officials in the end zone at the very end of last night's Seahawks-Packers game. One is signalling touchdown, the other is signalling an interception and touchback. The referee/crew chief didn't consult with both of these guys, but simply walked away to do a video replay. For some reason (inexplicable to anybody who saw a replay), the ruling that this crew settled upon was touchdown.

Another complaint: for some reason, Blogger has degraded the quality of its WYSIWYG editor. It no longer makes proper paragraph breaks. Now I have to do the HTML myself. :(

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Landru said...

It's true that the NFL is despicable. But let's not forget that this wouldn't be possible without the motherfucking scabs themselves.

Also: It irritates me that, of all the heinous fuckery so far, the one that caught the most attention happened because the motherfucking Packers were on national TV.

But that aside, fuck the motherfucking scabs.