Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Oppose military strikes on Syria

The reasons should be obvious

  • Syria is not threatening the US
  • Yes, somebody used sarin gas, but we don't know who
  • But even if we knew for a fact that it was Assad, the US isn't the world's policeman
  • Few things outrage me more than a government demanding a sequester in domestic spending while finding the money to drop bombs on Arabs.
  • Bombing is just going to create more chaos in Syria, not less...and that will lead to
  • escalation.

We tend to live in a reverie that presumes that the current way that our society is organized can persist indefinitely.  But there are many reasons why our current path cannot persist: dependence on non-replaceable fossil fuels, the effects of global warming (including the drought in Syria), and others.  Right now few things are as easy to get our government to do than to attack some small country that annoys us for some reason.  So I don't want to hear the song-and-dance about how our "credibility" is at stake.  I'm willing to stipulate that Assad is a terrible man.  But so are most of the rebels opposing him.

The way our society is running, we take a real shallow, short-attention span solutions to any problem outside our borders (and many inside).

As some point soon I'm going to revisit the legacy of the "Arab Spring."  Let's just say for now that it isn't pretty.

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