Friday, February 27, 2015


He's passed, as we all know.  Let's consider the highlights of his career after the jump.

I prefer to think of him in happier times, when he played the life of the party on the Enterprise.

Here you see him having fun with Charles Bronson's main squeeze, Jill Ireland.
After his tenure in Star Fleet ran out, he sank into a life of crime...

He was saved by the intervention of Lt. Columbo of the LA police.

He went into musical theater, setting The Hobbit to music (see Landru) as well as presenting the classic "If I have a Hammer":

Nimoy famously wrote a biography "I  am Not Spock" which was later followed by a sequel.  "I am Spock".  Clearly he was sometimes confused.

More seriously, Spock was one of  the all-time epic characters of the early years of television.  He has inspired generations of kids to go into science, including this writer, who erroneously thought that, since Spock was both the science officer and the Enterprise's executive officer, that society would reward pursuit of science with access to power.  I was tricked by Rodenberry's optimism.

Finally, for no good reason, I present a video of Shatner and Nimoy dancing incognito with Katy Perry at the Super Bowl.  (I think you know which of the two was Left Shark.)

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