Sunday, January 14, 2007

Patriots 24 Chargers 21

I really didn't think the Patriots were going to win this game. San Diego was beating them up on both sides of the ball, and had cruised to an easy 14-3 lead. And then the Pats did one of their patented 2-minute drives to get a TD right before the half. Suddenly, after 30 minutes of football completely dominated by the Chargers, they were only up by 4 points.

Then, because I didn't want to be riding the N18 back to Harrow to get home at 3 a.m., I left the sports bar. I follwed the end of the game on a sopcast feed. Wow. Marty Schottenheimer really lived up to his reputation yet again. He's a great assembler of talent and great at winning regular season games, but just cannot win in the postseason. He's not good enough - it's that simple. There's no way the Pats should even have had a chance of tieing the game at the end, much less winning it with a FG. Given how thoroughly the Charger running game was dominating the Pats, how did the Chargers only score 7 points in the second half? Usually a team with a dominating running game just keeps running the ball, controlling the clock, and beating the other team to death. The final score should have been something like San Diego 35, New England 13.

Wow. It's weird watching the Pats have this run. As a Red Sox fan, I'm used to the jinx being on my team. Now with the current version of the Pats, they seem to have an anti-jinx, whereby they repeatedly win games that they don't quite dominate.


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Landru said...

It's a shame you had to leave, although I understand why you did. To those of us in Your American Basement (except for the cat, who is stupid and was moping and doing his prayer against houseguests who smell like YOU), it was abundantly clear that Dreamboat was going to pull a win out of his ass, mostly because Marty was busy barking at those kids on his lawn and because, as I believe you may be aware from your other readings, Phil Rivers is a fucking pussy.