Friday, January 19, 2007

The world is my pantry

Anyway, I was really bummed yesterday morning when I woke up and realized I had left my copy of San Juan at the Shipwright Arms, where Swiggers has their Wednesday night gaming sessions. Forgetting things is an annoying habit of mine. And then as I was about to go to work, I realized that I had forgotten my running shoes at the Bloomsbury fitness club on Tuesday night. That really put me in a pissy mood. Usually I wait more than 48 hours between forgetfulness episodes.

Then I got to work and my boss Ziheng popped in to inform us that the entire cluster, which had been down for two days, was still down, and he think there's an error with the hard drive that has his data, my data, and Richard's data. He's "very happy" that he backs his data up every day.

I'm not very happy. The good news is that on Monday the last of my 3-week long jobs had finished, and I had copied all the needed output from the Linux cluster to my PC, so I could push it through Excel into something that would make a nice graph. The bad news is that the actual data is gone.

Working backwards, I talked to Richard before he left, and realized he still had all the alignments on his machine. Yay!

Then I went to the gym last night. I walked in and asked if they had my sneakers/running shoes/trainers. Nope, they said. *sigh* I'm out a $75 pair of New Balance shoes (which are more expensive here). Anyway, I get into the locker room and there are my shoes, on top of the lockers. Yay!

And when I got home, I got an email from a fellow Swigger who said he had my San Juan. Yay!

Looks like there's not all that much selection pressure against my forgetfulness. The world is quite happy to store my things for me, and let me collect them later.

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Go on. Write about it. I'm waiting.

Satan loves you.